4 Things That Can Permanently Damage Putting Greens in Las Vegas

4 Things That Can Ruin Artificial Putting Greens in Las Vegas

Artificial grass putting greens in Las Vegas are extremely tough. They’re virtually invincible to dog urine, UV rays, drought, pests, weeds and so much more.

However, there are a few ways to ruin your turf and you definitely want to steer clear of the things on this list:

1. Battery Acid

Never let battery acid (or any other type of acid) come into contact with putting greens in Las Vegas. These substances are incredibly corrosive and will eat away at your turf, causing irreparable damage to the affected spot.

2. Any Equipment with Open Fire

That means BBQs, bonfires, grills and any other equipment that uses or emits fire. Artificial turf is fire-resistant, but the heat and embers from these things will melt your grass. There’s no going back from melted artificial turf once that happens.

That’s why we recommend placing this type of equipment at least ten feet away from Las Vegas artificial grass. If worse comes to worst, such as your grill getting knocked over and spilling hot coals, you want to minimize the chances of anything actually landing on your turf.

3. Cigarettes

Just like grills and BBQs, cigarettes should be kept at least ten feet away from your artificial grass. If a lit cigarette falls on your turf, it can melt through and leave behind a hole that won’t go away.

4. Cars

As much as you love your vehicle, it definitely shouldn’t be parked on or driven across an area with artificial turf. The weight of the car will cause permanent damage to the grass and mark it with tire tracks. You also risk motor oil dripping onto your putting green, which is another destructive substance.

What to do if my artificial grass in Las Vegas is permanently damaged?

If an area of your artificial grass sustains permanent damage, don’t panic. It can be repaired, but we strongly recommend against DIY.

This type of repair is very delicate. Any mistake can cause even more damage and you don’t want to waste your money or ruin your investment.

In general, the repair process goes like this:

  1. Our team will assess the damage to determine if it’s practical and possible to fix.
  2. If so, our team discusses what kind of replacement patch would be required.
  3. Our team cuts out the area and installs the replacement patch.

The replacement patch has a layer of adhesive or joining tape on its underside, so it will adhere to your original turf and any backing fabric underneath. This helps ensure that the new section matches up with the old spot seamlessly and looks just like you’d expect it to: beautiful and brand-new.

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