5 Unique Things You Can Do with Las Vegas Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf is becoming a growing trend in homes all over the world. There are many benefits of having artificial grass, whether it be for eco-friendly purposes or to beat harsh weather conditions in your area (like our relentless Las Vegas heat!). It doesn’t matter what type of homeowner you are, there are so many fantastic benefits that everyone can get on board with!

artificial grass yard

Here are out-of-the-box ideas you can do with Las Vegas artificial grass:

Green Up a Xeroscape

Xeroscaping is a method of landscaping in which only drought-tolerant plants are used, in order to conserve water. Hardscape like gravel, stone and pavers are used in these landscaping projects instead of real grass. 

However, xeroscapes do have a tendency to look a little bare, especially if your idea of a “real” lawn is a green one. Artificial turf offers the perfect solution. Not only will it make the xeroscape look as if it has fresh and natural grass, but it will also provide comfort for anyone walking on it barefoot. 

Set Up a Backyard Movie Theater

Outdoor movie nights are better with synthetic turf! Bring out a screen and projector, lay out some blankets and pillows and get ready for a fun night of eating popcorn while watching your favorite show. Not only is this great for entertaining guests, but it’s also a fantastic summer activity that kids can enjoy.

Since you’ll be doing this on a synthetic lawn, there are no bugs, mud and dirt, weeds and other issues to deal with.

Create a Mini Park for the Kids

Replacing the grass with artificial grass installation in Las Vegas can be a great way to create a park for your children. No longer will you have to worry about them running around on wet weed-ridden grass, getting their clothes dirty and tearing up the lawn!

The only thing left is to create a play paradise right in your own yard. Consider installing a jungle gym, a swing set, a sandbox and even a fake pond or stream for them to play in! 

Add a Splash Pad to Cool Things Down with Artificial Grass

No space for a full-sized pool? A splash pad is a great alternative. This is an artificial floor that contains low-volume water jets, which are either completely submerged or are hidden in trenches lined with pebbles. 

This water feature is great for hot Vegas days and keeps the family active in your own backyard. 

Again, since synthetic grass is mud-free, non-slip and free-draining, we can assure you that splishin’ and splashin’ will be safe and fun for the whole family.

Create a Water Feature to Enjoy in the Evening

An illuminated water feature is eye-catching, calming and can even be therapeutic! This type of yard art uses lights and water features like fountains to turn your artificial grass into a stunning display at night. 

First, pick out the water feature you like, such as fountains, man-made waterfalls and other creative sculptures. Then, mount outdoor lights all around it to create a ring of lights that turns night into an enchanting display. 

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with Las Vegas Artificial Grass!

If you’re considering switching your yard from natural turf over to synthetic grass, let us know! Our team of experts would love nothing more than brainstorming new designs that will make your home stand out from the rest, from landscapes to putting greens in Las Vegas and more.

We’ll show you which types of artificial turf best suit your needs and help you get started implementing these terrific tips into action so that soon enough, everyone will want to have a backyard just like yours.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or for more information on our artificial grass product line. You can also call us at 702-466-1729. We are only too happy to help!

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