Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas + 4 Low-Effort Yard Ideas

Las Vegas is hot, hot, hot— both literally and figuratively! One of the most popular cities in the world is also one of the hardest to grow grass in. Because of our desert environment, it takes a lot of time, water and effort to maintain a green lawn (if it happens at all). Fortunately, you have so many more options than a traditional grass lawn. From artificial grass installation in Las Vegas to xeriscaping, here are low-maintenance landscaping designs you can use to turn your Las Vegas backyard into a beautiful, relaxing oasis.

xeriscaping artificial grass

1. Green it Up with Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas

Stop fighting your yard and start enjoying it! With artificial grass, gone is everything that makes natural lawns so frustrating. 

For instance, retire that lawnmower and turn your sprinklers off for good. Do you still have a bag of fertilizer in your shed? Give it away because you’re never using it again! Las Vegas artificial turf is the very definition of low-maintenance. 

Another significant benefit is that you’ll never have to deal with brown spots again. It doesn’t matter how hot the summers get (and boy, do we have scorching ones!), your synthetic lawn will always look fresh and well-manicured.

2. Relax with Xeriscaping

Low-maintenance landscaping means more than just saving time and water. It also means you want to keep your yard in line with the environment you live in. 

Xeriscaping is a perfect fit for this! This kind of landscaping emphasizes plants that are native to the region. So, for Las Vegas, that would be cacti, succulents and other desert-friendly vegetation. 

This type of landscape also replaces natural grass with hardier elements like stone, gravel and mulch. 

3. Enjoy a Soothing Zen Garden with Artificial Grass

The Zen garden is a timeless, traditional design you’re sure to fall in love with. 

Start by removing your existing grass and replacing it with artificial grass plus hardscapes like gravel, paving, concrete, or stone.  

Next, you’ll need to choose an accent plant, like a bamboo tree or dwarf gardenia, and plant it in your yard. Finally, you can decorate the landscape with bonsai trees, a stone bench and a mini waterfall to simulate a true Zen oasis. 

The key is to keep it simple. Zen gardens are usually on the minimalist side. Not only does it make the landscape easier to pull off, but there’s also less for you to maintain.

4. Cool It Down with Water Features 

Water features are an excellent addition to any Las Vegas backyard. In addition to bringing you peace and tranquility, you’ll be able to enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water from your patio or deck all year long. 

You have many options here, from fountains to ponds, mini rivers snaking through your yard (great for larger landscapes) and flowing waterfalls as an accent wall. 

Water features look incredibly stunning on Las Vegas artificial grass, especially since you never have to worry about mud, weeds and dead patches bringing down the view!

Lush Landscapes Begin with Artificial Grass in Las Vegas!

Your front and back yards in Las Vegas don’t have to be as barren as the Nevada desert. Artificial grass is the best way to create an oasis of green beauty right outside your door, no matter the season or weather condition!

Call us today at 702-466-1729 or inquire here; we’re happy to answer questions you have about our products and walk you through the process from concept to installation.

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