Best Backyard Landscaping Tips for the Reluctant Gardener

While almost every homeowner cares about what their exterior space looks like, only about a quarter of families enjoy functional gardening—i.e., growing food—on a regular basis. If you are not so green-fingered and fall into the category of wanting an aesthetically pleasing backyard without its maintenance, you’ll need to heed these landscaping tips.

Think Functional

If your spring allergies include yard or garden labor, it’s time to dump the idea of a lush, decorative garden. Instead, think functional. Separate your outdoor space into designated activity areas, landscaped as such.

Do you need a place for al fresco dining? A storage shed? A patch of lawn? Sections of decking, paving stones or artificial grass will make these functions clear while minimizing upkeep and seasonal cleanups.

Forget About Real Grass

Real grass grows fast, especially during the summer months. It needs mowing, watering and weeding frequently, which can take up a lot of your downtime. One of the best tips for hands-off homeowners is to hire professionals to install artificial turf in place of your natural lawn. This lawn substitute requires little maintenance while looking fresh and green year-round.

Messy pets or children can’t wreak damage, but if your turf does need some spot cleaning, just get out the soap and water. It’s not unlike cleaning spills inside your home.

Keep Designs Simple

Don’t defeat yourself with complicated landscaping. Plants that require strict maintenance routines, large areas of flowers or hedges, and water features are all going to require intense maintenance. Remembering which area of your outdoor space needs your attention each day will become frustrating if you don’t enjoy knees in the dirt and trowels or cultivators in hand.

Simple landscaping, such as artificially turfed lawns, functional decking, and even simple leveling can look just as fetching as a busy garden. Particularly if you have a modern home, clean lines and simple shapes create an enjoyable backyard with little maintenance required.

Focus on the Children

If you’re not sure how to fill a particular area of your yard, why not create a play area for the children rather than filling it with flowers? Your loved ones will be able to play outside whenever they’re permitted and you will be spared cleaning up the mess pets would make in a well-manicured garden or lawn.

Because materials such as artificial turf absorb the shock of falls and lack abrasiveness, they serve as excellent surfaces for children’s play areas. Cleaning such surfaces is almost as easy as cleaning spots on a floor—great news for parents with extra-messy kids or animals.

If you’re interested in simple landscaping and would like to integrate artificial grass into your easy to maintain yard design, speak to a reputable installation company about keeping your leisure time occupied by anything other than your landscape.


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