Can You Add Live Plants to Las Vegas Artificial Grass?

Unless you have a mighty green thumb, growing grass in Las Vegas is nearly impossible. The area is hot, dry, and in many places, lacks the right soil conditions for grass to thrive. Frustrated homeowners have finally found the perfect alternative in Las Vegas artificial grass.

It doesn’t need water aside from the occasional rinse. It will always stay lush and green— no bare patches, brown grass or other imperfections. Once the installation is over, your flawless lawn will remain pristine anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Lawn problem solved!

Now, a lot of homeowners wonder if it’s possible to grow live plants on a synthetic turf surface. The short answer? Absolutely.

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Can Plants and Trees Thrive on a Artificial Grass?

Yes, they can. The key is to factor them into your installation design right from the start. Unlike a purely artificial landscape, you’ll need to leave space for plants and trees to grow.

Make sure to discuss this with your artificial grass installer ASAP. They’ll help you figure out proper placement so that the plants receive enough nutrients and sunlight without affecting the turf. This also allows them to plan the best way to install the drainage layer.

What to Consider When Adding Plants to an Artificial Lawn

Aside from the location of the plants, you’ll also need to consider the following before artificial grass installation in Las Vegas:

  • The Right Type of Artificial Grass

Turf type has a huge impact on live plants, so discuss this thoroughly with your installer. They will help you select infill that won’t obstruct irrigation and limit plant growth.

  • The Right Type of Plants

Not sure what vegetation goes well with Las Vegas artificial grass? Consider drought-resistant plants that will have no trouble thriving in the challenging Las Vegas climate.

Not only do these plants come in endless varieties, but they also go well with the low-maintenance nature of artificial grass. Top choices include:

• Cacti (e.g., Golden Barrels, Beavertails and Saguaros)

• Succulents (e.g., Blue Glow Agaves, Blue Fingers and Sticks on Fire)

• Native plants (e.g., Red Geraniums and Buffalo Junipers)

• Trees (e.g., Acacias and Desert Willows)

• Shrubs (e.g., Texas Privets, Cassia Desert Shrubs and Dwarf Oleanders)

• Annuals (e.g., Violas, Pansies and Petunias)

• Perennials (e.g., Desert Marigolds and White-tufted Evening Primroses)

What if you already have existing plants?

It’s no problem at all. Artificial grass installers can fit turf around existing plants and flowers. Two factors come into play:

  • They will choose turf that complements existing vegetation

The density and pile height shouldn’t obscure your existing plants. They will also consider how porous the turf product is so that your plants get enough water.

  • They will consider the type of plants you have

Las Vegas artificial turf should not be installed close to plant varieties like bamboo. Bamboo grows rhizomes, which can affect your overall landscape. Its offshoots can also penetrate your installation. If you have plants that grow this way, inform your installers as soon as you can.

Artificial Grass: Discover More Landscaping Possibilities

Integrating plants with turf is just one of the many ways to use this versatile material. Want a backyard putting green, a low-maintenance pet run, or a mini park at home? No matter what you have in mind, we can help you make it happen. Call Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros today at 702-466-1729 to get started!

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