Side Yard Putting Greens in Las Vegas: A Must-Have Outdoor Feature

Want to do something worthwhile with your side yard beyond using it to hide unsightly fixtures? Why not use the space for putting greens in Las Vegas?

A side yard putting green will turn your side yard into the most fun feature of your home. It will also breathe new life into the space thanks to its lush, vibrant green turf.

Above all, you can have a putting green that’s gorgeous, evergreen and a breeze to maintain.

Side Yard Putting Greens in Las Vegas

Why Choose Artificial Grass for Your Side Yard Putting Green?

Synthetic turf offers many benefits that its natural counterpart can’t match for putting greens:

  • Realistic Golf Experience

    First, it provides excellent playability. Thanks to technology, it features the same texture and pile height as the natural turf found in country clubs. So you can expect competition-level play quality from artificial grass.

  • Always Perfect Golfing Conditions

    Next, synthetic turf retains the same turf height and density. So you don’t have to trim or mow it regularly to keep it ready for games. This also means that you can take off related costs like mower gas from your yard maintenance budget.

  • Tough and Durable

    Las Vegas artificial grass is more durable than natural turf. It won’t break or get dislodged when hit by swings and putts. High foot traffic, consecutive games and harsh weather conditions also can’t damage artificial grass. So you can play as much as you want!

  • Highly Customizable

    Additionally, synthetic turf is easy to apply to creative designs. Experts can cut, alter and fit it around existing trees, plants and structures without any problems. Feel free to get creative with your side yard putting green.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Finally, artificial grass is a breeze to maintain. You don’t need to set aside a lot of time and money to keep it in top condition. Just pick up debris from its surface, brush up its matted areas and hose it down from time to time.

Putting Green Design Tips

Designing a putting green for your side yard can be tricky because of the limited space. These smart tips will help you come up with a great plan:

  • Establish your putting green’s dimensions.

    Determine how much yard space you want to allot to your artificial grass installation in Las Vegas. Then, plan your design. Doing both of these will help you figure out how much synthetic turf you’ll need. Don’t worry about getting the calculations perfect — your installer will help you polish the details.

  • Consider nearby structures.

    Make sure your putting green doesn’t put windows and other breakable fixtures at risk. Consider the location of light fixtures as well if you plan to add some to your putting green.

  • Be selective.

    Artificial grass comes in purpose-specific variants. So make sure you pick one that’s designed for putting greens. A reliable installer will help you explore your options thoroughly.

Build Your Dream Green With the Pros!

Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros has many years of experience installing putting greens in Las Vegas. Trust us to get it right the first time! Call us now at 702-466-1729 to schedule a consultation.

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