Usefulness of Artificial Turf for your home

Artificial turf is useful in lots of ways. Numerous property owners are considering the switch from natural turf to artificial turf due to all the overall enhancement it provides. Artificial turf for your home can be costly but when compared to the very little maintenance it requires and the methods which it can enhance a lawn, the extra expense is worth it.

Enhances the Total Look

While natural yard can fluctuate in color and texture along with the weather condition. Artificial turf stays vibrant green all year long. It doesn’t require continuous watering, mowing or trimming to make it look good. The appearance and height of the turf stays constant at all times and there is minimal to no upkeep needed to keep it looking its finest. The only upkeep that should be performed regularly is picking up small branches and bits of debris that fall from trees or weeds that can pop-up near the boundary of the installation. Usually wind carry these weeds. The overall look of the property stays beautiful without needing to do any of the following to keep it that way:






The only thing a property owner truly has to do is to pick up numerous pieces of debris that may ultimately litter the yard after a heavy storm or strong wind.

Eliminates Standing Water

When synthetic grass is installed, 3 inches of your soil is eliminated. Then leveled and filled back up with a base material prior to the last layer of grass being installed. Base material becomes the drainage portion of the backyard. This removes dips and valleys that can lead to standing water after a heavy rain. Not only does it prevent standing water, it reduces the nesting abilities of mosquitoes and other pests that reproduce near water.

Does Not Wear or Turn Brown

Artificial turf is evergreen. It will not go dormant and turn brown or fade during drought conditions. As natural yard starts to grow inactive, and loses its consistency of green color. Synthetic grass does not nor will it wear or fade after remaining in direct sunlight. Crafted Artificial turf endures both hot and cold temperature extremes without breaking down or becoming harmed.

No Harsh Chemical Fertilizers or Herbicides

With synthetic grass, it is practically impossible for weeds to penetrate the ground cover and the layer of synthetic turf. Without any weeds to fret about there is little need for harsh chemical herbicides. Since the grass does not grow, there is likewise no need for fertilizers to be applied. Avoid using fertilizers and herbicides for Natural grass yards for a number of hours after their application. This can be challenging for homeowners who have kids and pets that wish to play outside.

Raises the Resale Value of the Home

Artificial turf is an important possession for any home. The expense of installing artificial lawn is thought about by lots of homeowners. Artificial yard is expensive compared with natural yard. However the money conserved from not having to water, cut, trim, or fertilize will make up for the extra cost numerous times over the life of the lawn. A lawn made of artificial turf can last for 15 to 20 years with appropriate care. The life of the grass compared with its purchase cost and minimal upkeep expense makes it well worth the financial investment. If the homeowner chooses to sell the house, their market price can be set to show the included value of the artificial turf.

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