5 Ways Dogs Damage Lawns That Don’t Affect an Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas


You love your dogs, but you also know that your natural lawn doesn’t stand a chance against them. They can destroy even the most well-kept grass in a matter of minutes. But that doesn’t mean that you should lose hope about having a picture-perfect lawn. You can have a beautiful lawn that can withstand your dog’s antics when you invest in an artificial grass installation in Las Vegas.

Natural grass can’t match the durability of synthetic turf, which doesn’t take damage from foot traffic and bad weather. Likewise, the following dog activities, which can wreck real turf, can’t ruin it:


Dogs dig for various reasons, from creating a cool spot to nap on to relieving their anxiety. Unfortunately, digging can tear out turf and leave holes throughout natural lawns.

Synthetic grass is much more durable than natural grass. So it won’t break or develop holes when your dogs try to dig through it.

Running with artificial grass

One of the best parts about having an artificial lawn is that your dog can run all over it without damaging it at all. You might think that this would lead to a lot of wear and tear on the grass, but that’s not the case at all.

An artificial grass installation in Las Vegas doesn’t have any roots and its synthetic fibers spring back from pressure. Running doesn’t affect it at all. That means you can go ahead and let your pups loose. Have fun watching your dogs experience zoomies and rest assured that they won’t ruin your lawn.

Repeating Traffic Patterns

Dogs are creatures of habit. They like to follow their usual patterns when they’re outside running around. But sometimes those patterns can cause damage to a natural yard over time.If you have an artificial grass lawn, this is not something you need to worry about. Your furry friends can walk over the same area over and over again without damaging it.

Lying on the Ground

The most obvious way that dogs can damage your natural lawn is by lying on it. When a dog lies down on a natural lawn, they are putting pressure on the grass blades, which damages them and can even cause them to die.

Las Vegas artificial turf consists of polyethylene and polypropylene fibers, which stay lush and springy under pressure. That means that if you let your dogs lie on it, there’s no risk of them damaging it.


If your dog pees on natural grass, the moisture will seep into the ground and damage the roots. The nitrogen and acid in the urine can also soak into the turf and burn it. All of these can gradually turn the grass brown and kill it.

But with synthetic grass, there’s no risk of any of that happening. The urine slips off its water-resistant surface and goes to its drainage system. All you need to do is rinse off pee residue to clean it up. And don’t worry, urine can’t stain or discolor the turf.

Turn Your Yard Into a Pet Haven With the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Las Vegas

At Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros, we understand that your dogs are a part of your family. That’s why we make it our mission to provide you with artificial grass products that have the hallmarks of the best turf for pets.

If you have any questions about how we can help you transform your space, please reach out to us. Send us a message online, and we’ll walk you through how we’ll pet-proof your yard the pet-friendly way.

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