How Can the Sun Ruin Natural Putting Greens Golf

Immaculate, uniform lawns underpin the appeal and playability of a golf course – but maintaining such exemplary greens is indeed a challenge, particularly in desert climates like Las Vegas, where the relentless sun takes a heavy toll.  Sun damage not only makes natural lawns unsightly but can also hamper golf play, disrupting the smooth roll…

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Why Do Lawn Pests Avoid Artificial Turf-lasvegas

Pests can turn a beautiful Las Vegas lawn into a nightmare. With their penchant for damaging grass and creating unattractive lawns, these invaders can prove challenging to control. But there’s a bright side. With Las Vegas artificial turf, keeping critters out of your yard becomes a breeze, significantly reducing the risk of pest infestations. 4…

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infill putting greens

Infill in artificial putting greens in Las Vegas refers to the small granular materials that installers spread and work into the artificial turf fibers. It plays a crucial role in creating the ideal playing surface for golfers and significantly contributes to the overall performance and functionality of a putting green. Why Is Infill Important? Here…

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