6 Fun Sports and Games to Play on a Las Vegas Artificial Turf Lawn

Play these 6 Sports and Games on Las Vegas Artificial Turf!

If you’re the proud owner of a Las Vegas artificial turf lawn, you know that it is a step up from a natural lawn. It’s evergreen, durable and easy to maintain. In short, it’s the perfect place for picnics, garden parties and other outdoor activities.

But did you know that you can also play some of the most popular sports and games on it? Here are six fun sports and games to play on a synthetic lawn:


Tennis is a fast-paced game that requires a durable surface. Synthetic grass is made tough and it can withstand the impact of tennis balls, making it a good option for this sport.

Moreover, synthetic turf will not wear out or break like natural grass under pressure. That means it will be ready for matches all year long. You can either install a full-sized court or add lines to an existing area of your synthetic lawn.

Volleyball with Artificial Turf

Do you love playing volleyball in the sand, but dislike visiting the beach? You can bring this fun game to your own backyard with Las Vegas artificial turf.

Artificial grass creates a soft surface that absorbs shock like sand but doesn’t get hot in the sun. Moreover, your family and friends will love playing volleyball on the turf because it won’t get everywhere like sand. You don’t have to worry about grass blades clinging to your clothes either.


Synthetic lawns cover the soil completely and don’t get muddy or slippery when wet. You can rest assured that you won’t track dirt into your home after playing soccer on yours.

Moreover, artificial turf is soft and gentle on the feet, so you’ll never have to worry about stubbed toes or broken ankles. There are even professional soccer teams that use this type of field for their games.

Baseball and Softball with Artificial Turf

Several well-known major league baseball stadiums have switched over to Las Vegas artificial grass—and with good reason.

Synthetic turf provides an optimal playing field for baseball and softball. The surface is safe and comfortable for players, and it offers a consistent bounce and traction. Synthetic turf also provides a high-quality base path that’s better than any dirt or clay mixture.


A synthetic grass lawn is a perfect place for golf enthusiasts to practice their swing. You can use it to set up a putting green or even driving range, depending on the size of your yard.

Artificial grass for putting greens offers the same ball roll quality in golf club courses. Moreover, artificial turf does not have tufts that can impact the trajectory of the ball. If you want your course to last up to 10 years or more, follow these tips on how to avoid damaging your green.


Horseshoes is another sport that can be played on synthetic turf without any trouble. This game requires only a stake in the ground, which will not cause a problem for your landscape.

You can also choose to place sand around the stake so that you do not have to worry about stepping into it when throwing horseshoes or picking them up after they have been thrown.

The Fun Never Stops on an Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas

Play your favorite outdoor games and sports without leaving the comfort of your home. Install synthetic turf in your yard with the help of Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros.

Choose from our wide array of sports-ready artificial grass. Then, let our experts lay down the turf to guarantee a fast and hassle-free installation. Call us now at 702-466-1729 or send us a message online!

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