Can Las Vegas Artificial Turf Prevent Water Splashes From Creating Muddy Spots?

How To Prevent Water Splashes and Muddy Spots With Artificial Turf - las vegas

Basking by the pool is everyone’s favorite summer pastime. However, the muddy spots due to pool splashes can ruin the experience. The solution to this problem? Installing Las Vegas artificial turf. Take a look at how and why these muddy spots occur and how synthetic grass makes messy pool landscapes a thing of the past:

Why Do Poolside Areas Get Muddy?

The kind of flooring you have around your pool area usually affects how muddy it can get.

Exposed Soil

Areas around the pool that are not covered expose soil or dirt directly to water. When water from the pool splashes on these areas, the soil absorbs the water and turns into mud. This issue amplifies for people with kids or pets who constantly take dips in the pool, leading to more water and mud outside the pool.

Inefficient Drainage

Whether you have natural grass or hardscaping around your pool, improper drainage can create puddles that could turn into mud. Compacted soil in lawns and poor drainage systems (like inadequate floor slopes or not enough drains) are usually the culprits of this issue.

How Does Artificial Grass Prevent Mud in Poolside Areas?

Las Vegas artificial turf is designed to effectively deal with water from pool splashes, taking an entirely different approach from natural grass or exposed soil paths. Here’s how it accomplishes this feat:

Water-Resistant Fibers

Unlike soil or natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t absorb water. When pool water splashes onto artificial grass, it will stay on the surface instead of soaking the soil beneath. This layer prevents water-soil interaction, eliminating any chances of mud formation.

High-quality artificial turf is made of materials like polyethylene or polypropylene, which are naturally resistant to water. It’s unlike natural grass, which readily absorbs water and turns into a mess.

Let’s consider a typical pool scenario where kids constantly jump into the pool, causing sizable splashes. Even if large quantities of water land on artificial grass, the water won’t soak into the fibers and turn them into a soggy mess.

Efficient Drainage Systems

Artificial grasses are structured with advanced drainage systems at their base. This ensures any water that lands on their surface drains away quickly.

Artificial grass comprises an infill layer of sand or rubber granules and a backing material with tiny holes. The infill acts like a sieve, and the backing works like a drain. The splash water that lands on artificial grass passes through the infill and exits through the backing, preventing puddles that could create mud.

Let’s say you’re planning a pool party with a large number of guests. Throughout the event, splashes from the pool will continuously land on the grass. On a natural lawn, this would create a messy muddy patch. But with artificial turf’s efficient drainage system, the water quickly leaves the grass surface without producing mud.

Las Vegas artificial turf can handle up to 30 inches of water per square yard per hour, a rate much higher than the average Las Vegas downpour. This efficient drainage capability ensures a mud-free, easy-to-maintain surface post parties or heavy rain.

Say Goodbye to Muddy Poolside Areas

No one likes to navigate through muddy landscapes after a refreshing swim. With high-quality artificial turf, you have the freedom to enjoy the pool without worrying about creating a muddy mess.

Are you ready to enjoy a mud-free poolside area? Contact Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros for a free consultation. Together, we can create a beautiful poolside installation where you can have fun and relax without getting messy. Call us at 725-302-0444 or send us a message online today.

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