Desert-Friendly Landscaping with Artificial Grass Installation In Las Vegas

You’ll rarely hear the words “desert” and “healthy green lawn” in the same sentence, and for good reason. The intense heat and dry climate of desert areas like Nevada are virtually inhospitable to natural grass.

If you want a green yard, you better be prepared to spend a lot on water, fertilizers and maintenance. And even then, you can’t be sure your lawn will actually thrive.

With artificial grass installation in Las Vegas, you can finally enjoy a green landscape without actually growing the real thing.

artificial grass landscaping

The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Las Vegas

The first thing you have to consider for any natural landscape is water, but it’s especially important in the desert. For one, some grasses are more delicate than others. Secondly, the area may not have enough water for irrigation in the first place.

Sure, you can use warm-season grass varieties for your lawn. But even the toughest grass species still need quite a bit of maintenance. Otherwise, they will wither under the hot sun. When that happens, you’ll find yourself with a lawn that’s as brown as the desert around it.

This makes Las Vegas artificial turf your best option. In particular, it has the following advantages:

  • It doesn’t need water at all to “live.” So, you get to conserve precious water while having a green lawn.
  • The only maintenance it needs is sporadic rinsing to keep it clean. No more mowing or regular watering for you. Furthermore, no pesticides, weedicides or any of the usual lawn treatments either.
  • It stays green forever. Therefore, you’ll have a fresh-looking lawn all year round, no matter how hot it gets.

Las Vegas Synthetic Grass: 3 Desert-Friendly Landscaping Features

1. A shady pergola where you can relax and cool down

Beat the heat with a backyard oasis! Create a cool haven in your yard by adding shade using a pergola or shade sails.

2. Beautiful, native plants made for the desert heat

Add color to your perfect, green lawn with native plants that thrive in the hot and dry desert climate, such as:

  • Succulents and cacti like agave, aloe vera, sedum and yucca
  • Flowering plants like begonia, Texas sage, yellow bells and yellow columbine
  • Trees like Blue Palo Verde and palm

Put these plants in planters and arrange them as you wish on top of Las Vegas artificial grass.

3. A fire pit to enjoy backyard parties in the evening

Temperatures drop quickly when the sun goes down in the desert. To counter this issue, build a patio and install a fire pit.  To make the design pop, surround the patio with artificial grass for aesthetics and safety.

Don’t put the fire pit directly on top of the grass, though. While artificial grass is not flammable, hot embers can still melt the blades. Therefore, place your fire pit on hardscapes like pavers or concrete.

Artificial Grass for Flawless Las Vegas Landscapes

For top-quality artificial grass installation in Las Vegas, trust only Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros. We have years of experience creating beautiful landscapes that fit our unique desert climate. We can help you with everything, from conceptualizing your new lawn to the installation. Finally, we’ll also throw in a free estimate when you call us at 702-466-1729 today!

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