Natural Grass vs. Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas for Playgrounds

Why Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas Is Best for Playgrounds

Designing a playground for your kids is tricky. It’s not just about the number of swings or slides—you also need to balance safety and utility. Natural grass seems like the perfect groundcover. It’s inviting and soft underfoot, but it also hides risks that can harm your children. It’s no wonder more and more parents are choosing an artificial grass installation in Las Vegas over a natural lawn for their play spaces.

Artificial grass provides the same benefits as natural grass minus its dangers. Here are some of the ways it’s better than real turf for play spaces:


Artificial grass has an edge over natural grass when it comes to softness. It’s made from synthetic materials that are designed to feel soft and comfortable underfoot. This is a major advantage if you have toddlers that love exploring and crawling around your yard.

Natural grass can feel scratchy, especially when it gets wet or if weeds are growing through it. Your children might feel uncomfortable playing or sitting on it.

Ability to Absorb Impact

Natural grass tends to be spongy, which can be dangerous if there’s no padding underneath it. It also doesn’t help that it grows on hard soil. If your kids trip and fall on it, they might suffer from scrapes and bruises.

An artificial grass installation in Las Vegas comes with layers that can absorb the force of slips. Its soft yet durable synthetic fibers also help cushion falls. This means that it helps reduce the risk of injury when kids trip or fall on it.


Pests and weeds love natural lawns. You’ll have to apply pesticides and weedicides to your grass to keep them away. The bad news is that these chemicals are toxic. Your children can get sick if they inhale their fumes or come in contact with their residues.

Las Vegas artificial turf doesn’t need harmful chemicals to keep pests and weeds away. Critters don’t like it because they can’t get any food from it, while weeds can’t break through its surface. This means that there’s no risk of your kids getting sick from toxic chemicals.


Natural grass requires frequent mowing and watering to stay green and healthy. The blades of grass also tend to turn brown and die off during cold weather.

Meanwhile, artificial grass is designed to stay green all year round. It can also withstand foot traffic and various activities without taking damage. This means less time spent maintaining your yard and more time playing outside with your kids.

Build the Perfect Playground With Las Vegas Artificial Grass

Searching for the best artificial grass for your backyard playground? Look no further than Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros.

We have a wide variety of synthetic grass products to help you create the perfect play space for your kids and their friends. Tell us how you want your playground to turn out and we’ll tell you exactly how we’ll turn it into reality. We’ll make sure you maximize the benefits of artificial grass for your family.

If you’d like to learn more about our products or services, call us or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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