Lawn Upkeep Tools Your Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas Doesn’t Need

Tools an Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas Doesn't Need

Maintaining a natural grass lawn is a lot of work. You need to use different equipment to keep it looking its best. Some of these tools take up quite a bit of space and most of them also need upkeep. If you don’t maintain them properly, they won’t work as well. If you’re tired of all this effort, why not invest in an artificial grass installation in Las Vegas instead?

Synthetic grass is a breeze to maintain compared to natural turf and it doesn’t need any of the lawn tools and equipment below.


A lawnmower cuts grass with a sharp, rotating blade. It needs electricity or gas to work. Mowing is crucial in lawn upkeep because grasses need to be cut regularly to grow healthy and strong. It also keeps the lawn from turning overgrown and attracting pests.

Unfortunately, lawnmowers are not just dangerous to use around children and pets. They also emit carbon, which is terrible for the environment. Moreover, if you use them improperly, they can damage turf permanently. You don’t need to mow Las Vegas artificial turf because it doesn’t grow. It stays at the perfect height no matter how much time passes.

Edging Shears

These are scissors with curved blades that you use to trim the edges of your lawn. They help keep the lawn to stay in its place and look neat. Due to their sharp blades, edging shears are another tool that you should keep out of your kids’ reach.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so it never gets tall enough to cover paths, driveways and other outdoor hardscapes. That means you’ll never have to trim it.

String Trimmer

String trimmers cut grass and weeds on the surface of the soil. They have a spinning wheel with a string attached at one end, which feeds out as it spins. The string is made up of many small blades that cut any vegetation that comes into contact with them.

These tools can be effective in maintaining a real lawn, but they aren’t necessary for an artificial grass installation in Las Vegas. This is because natural grass never needs edging or weeding. It retains the same height and weeds can’t break through its dense, durable turf.


A de-thatcher is a tool that removes thatch from a lawn. Thatch is an accumulation of dead grass, roots and decaying organic matter that builds up on the grass surface. Removing this layer helps keep the turf healthy and prevent disease.

Natural grass requires regular de-thatching to help keep the soil loose and airy. This prevents any issues from occurring with its roots.

Artificial grass never needs de-thatching because it doesn’t have any roots. It also doesn’t need this tool because it doesn’t need to be aerated like natural grass.

Simplify Lawn Maintenance With Las Vegas Artificial Grass

Do you want a beautiful, evergreen lawn that’s also easy to maintain? Then artificial grass is the right choice for you!

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